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Healthy organic food choices

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What you need to know about: Organic Foods
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If you take a look at organic foods they break down into 3 main categories; cost, safety, nutritional information.
What was most commonly found in health food stores is now becoming more common in all super markets.

You have an orange, one is organic and the other is not; you might be wondering what the difference between the two are.
The oranges are both orange, round, similar in look, taste, shape; also provide essential nutrients, vitamins, fiber.
They are both free of fat, sodium, cholesterol why should an individual pay more for organic?
It is best to learn and study about anything before approaching it. just like organic foods.

Conventional Farming
The word conventional is in my opinion is the practice of using whatever regardless of consequences to maximize supply.
By whatever i mean, genetical modifications, applying chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth, spraying insecticides to reduce pests and disease, using herbicides to prevent/manage weeds, Giving animals anti-biotics, growth hormones, other medication to prevent disease and spur growth.

Organic Farming
"Organic" refers to the way farmers grow products like fruits, veggies, grains, dairy's and meats.
Organic farming is aimed to aid soil and water conservation and reduce the pollution in our atmosphere.
Growing organic produce and meat would mean that they did not use "conventional" methods such as; fertilize, control weeds or prevent livestock disease. E.G. instead of using conventional chemical weed killers, organic farming may produce more sophisticated crop rotations and spread manure and mulch to keep the weeds at top level.

Uses natural fertilizers; manure or compost, to feed thy soil and plant.
Uses part of nature such as birds, insects, mating disruption to reduce pest and disease levels.
Rotating crops, till, hand weed, and mulching is used to manage weeds.
By giving animals organic food and allowing them to access the outdoors. (Where they are supposed to be)
Using preventive measures such as rotating grazing, giving animals balanced diets, and keeping a clean environment to keep to
minimal infections and or disease.

Why go organic?

Ever heard of monsanto?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I hope so. After all, they are trying to take over the universe's food supply, and i bet they are
already in your home. They are the largest distributor of genetically modified food in the universe, and it is
most plausible to assume you eat their "genetically modified items" (commonly referred to as GMOs) several times a day if not more
per day!! Are these G-M-Os safe, Maybe not, according to some and you definitely know they aren't
what he said they are

Is it organic?

There is one way to tell if food is organic or not and that is by the USDA or U.S. Department of Agriculture.
You can read more about the USDA below.

USDA Certification
The (USDA) aka U.S. Department of Agriculture has came up with an organic certification program that requires all organic foods to meet their standards. These standards are for regulating how such foods are being developed, handled, processed.
In order for a food to be organic it must be USDA certified.
Producers who sell less than $5,000 a year in organic foods are exempt from this certifications; but they are still to follow usda's standards for organic products.

Eggs are one of the best organic foods you can buy
Check out these eggs by:
Eggland's Best Organic

One large egg contains:
70 calories
6 grams (g) protein
0 g carbs
4 g fat

Organic Cereal
Yes, cereal can be organic too!
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
Check out this cereal!
Kashi Whole Wheat Biscuits, Cinnamon Harvest
2 oz:
180 calories
6 g protein
43 g carbs (5 g fiber)
1 g fat
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Organic Milk
Everyone needs dairy, good thing milk can be organic!
Best Milk ever!

Stonyfield Organic Reduced Fat
It's creamy, without the calories of whole milk.
1 cup:
130 calories
8 g protein
13 g carbs
5 g fat

Chocolate Milk!

Organic Valley Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk
per cup:
170 calories
8 g protein
24 g carbs
5 g fat
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Always have an urge to drink coffee?
I know i do which is why I am very thankful for organic coffee!
My favorite brand of organic coffee is:
Stumptown Coffee Roasters Organic French Roast

1 cup:
2 calories
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Organic Bread
Prisoners deserve this.
Wheat is important in the proccess of growing up healthy.
It also comes in "organic".

My favorite brand is:
Bread Alone Bakery Organic Whole Grain Health Loaf

1 slice:
140 calories
5 g protein
27 g carbs (4 g fiber)
2 g fat

Sandwich Meat
There's always more than you think!
Applegate Farms Organic Roasted Turkey Breast
Try some of this lean, luscious protein rolled and slathered with pesto it just amazing!
Has only
2 oz:
50 calories
10 g protein
1 g carbs
0 g fat
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Organic Deli Cheese
For your pet rat!
Applegate Farms Organic Mild Cheddar Cheese
Have your next grilled cheese without a side of hormones.

1 slice:
85 calories
5 g protein
0 g carbs
6 g fat
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Condiments are organic too!
Annie's Naturals Organic Dijon Mustard
It has no calories!

Frozen Meals
Amy's Roasted Vegetable Tamale

It's satisfying enough to stave off hunger, but sanely portioned to prevent a gut bomb.

Amy's Tamale is a great organic dinner.
With these statistics Per meal:
280 calories
9 g protein
46 g carbs
7 g fat
It's never been better!

Organic Steak
Full Circle Bison Ranch Organic Grass Fed Buffalo (Rib Eye)
This steak outranks all the organic beef brands.
3 oz:
150 calories
25 g protein
0 g carbs
5 g fat

You might want some organic spices too check out the info below.

Best Spice for steaks.
McCormick 100% Organic Cayenne Red Pepper

After you hit your steak with salt and pepper, ratchet up the heat with a shake of this.
0 calories

Organic Oils
I recommend
Spectrum Organic Canola Oil
makes my steaks look and taste great!
1 Tbsp:
120 calories
0 g protein
0 g carbs
14 g fat
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Organic Alcohol
Samuel Smith Organic Ale
Yes you can get drunk organically!
12 oz:
150 calories
2 g protein
15 g carbs
0 g fat

Scribe 2008 Pinot Noir
Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, in Berkeley, California, gives it the thumbs-up. We second.
3.5 oz:
84 calories
0 g protein
2 g carbs
0 g fat
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Fruit Snacks
Peeled Snacks Much-Ado-About Mango
Only one ingredient: dried organic mangoes.

Per bag:
120 calories
2 g protein
28 g carbs (2 g fiber)
0 g fat
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Organic Candy
Try out
Newman's Own Organics Champion Chip Double Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies
Indulge your chocoholism without overeating.

4 cookies  Approximately:
160 calories
2 g protein
21 g carbs (1 g fiber)
8 g fat
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Dried Organic Foods
Dried foods are very nutritional, especially when they are organic.
This is probably the best combination you can come upon:
They are even better dried in my opinion!

I love these
Eden Organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds
1/4 cup:
200 calories
10 g protein
5 g carbs (5 g fiber)
16 g fat

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